Monday, 21 December 2015

Springbrook Animal Care Center - Fido and Butch?

The veterinarians and technicians at the Springbrook Animal Care Center have been in practice for many years. The facility opened in Naperville, Illinois in 2003 and provides veterinarian medicine and surgery, after-hours emergency services, and other pet care services.

Countless thousands of pets have come through the facility over the years. They have been mostly dogs and cats, and most of them have suffered from fairly easily treatable conditions. And most of them have had rather ordinary monikers. But there have been pets with some unusual names. Choosing a name for your pet is a big decision. It can be fun to think of all the possibilities, but it’s a name that is going to be with the pet for all its life, so it’s important to choose a good name.

It’s more than just finding a name that’s catchy. Pet experts say that good dog and cat names are those that are kept simple: especially dog names, since cats aren’t likely to respond when you call for it, no matter what its name is. In the case of dogs, they can’t understand long names with a lot of syllables, so keeping it short and sweet is always a good idea.

The best dog names are those that have sharp sounds in them. Try to think of a name that is easy to distinguish. Names that have hard sounds in them, like K’s and T’s, are easier for dogs to hear than softer sounds like F’s or S’s.

The veterinarians at the Springbrook Animal Care Center have been treating dogs named Butch, Fido, Spot, and Lassie for more than a dozen years.