Saturday, 19 December 2015

Springbrook Animal Care Center - The Secrets of a Beautiful Pet

The Springbrook Animal Care Center provides comprehensive veterinary care for dogs, cats, and other companion animals, as well as animal adoption services and boarding.

They also provide grooming services at their aptly named Bubbly Spa Grooming facility. The grooming process includes nail trimming, ear cleaning, bathing, cutting and styling, and stain removal. Some pets, dogs in particular, don’t relish the idea of grooming, but when it’s done right the Bubbly Spa Grooming professionals say it’s a time for pampering.

Grooming is really a basic need for most dogs, and some more than others. And it’s an important part of dog ownership. Dogs may not need to be bathed every day, the way people are, but it’s important to know how much grooming pet dogs needs and to keep them on a schedule. A well-groomed dog is going to look and feel better. But in some cases there are even health considerations. Dogs that have a skin, ear or nail condition, for example, need regular attention to those areas so that they stay in peak condition.

Most dogs enjoy being brushed, and it’s a great opportunity for their owners to strengthen their bonds with them. Just how often Fido needs to be brushed depends on fur type. Long haired dogs usually require more brushing; every day is not too often, especially for active dogs that tend to get all manner of stuff tangled up in their fur. Medium-haired dogs are often more prone to matting, and should be brushed at least once a week. Short haired dogs can go longer, with every couple of weeks being a good rule of thumb.

Sometimes, washing a dog can be an emergency. The Springbrook Animal Care Center provides de-skunking for those dogs who have been sprayed.